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The employment of foreign workers and their accommodation in closed camps – in particular with prisoners of war and Russian civilian workers – also present the lighting technicians with new tasks. The maintenance of the camp regime and securing the closing-off of the camp inhabitants from the environment demand among other things a reliable illumination of the camp alleyways and the connecting ways from the camp to the factory.

For this the novel NOTEK-P-SCHEINWERFER [NOTEK-P-FLOODLIGHT] can provide excellent assistance. It has been created for the air-raid protected illumination of workplaces in the open air. Its light beam can be limited in any required shape i.e. also in the shape of a square bar as is necessary for e.g. illuminating camp alleyways if the barracks themselves are not to receive any light. At the same time the intensity of the light is, both near the place of installation of the floodlight and also at the most extreme point of its range, almost the same – and always anti-aircraft-protected!

The P-floodlight is supplied from the lighting main via a transformer. The light source is a 50W/6v, 100W/12v pr 100W/24v special light bulb. It can be erected on a stand (that can be supplied with a cross beam for the transformer with it). However the P-floodlight will always make the work of your guard details considerably easier and more reliable.

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